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Solutions: Mining. Rugged Controls supports mining companies by monitoring the lifting cables on shaft elevators. Distributing the line tension equally and ensuring that all cables are lifting at the same rate helps increase safety by maintaining work platform stability. Our running line tensiometers with both tension and payout sensors are ...

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Control system solutions for the mining industry. 02 The solution: Simulate. Measure. Control. And profit. As the interface between your people and your plant, your control system is in - tegral to the success of your operation. Implementing the best control strategy

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Automation is not new to mining, but it is generally more basic in mines than in other industries and is often limited to simple control of motors, equipment or certain parts of processes. Further, mines tend to have a large number of independent pieces of equipment and systems from different suppliers.

Solution Mining - Agapito Associates, Inc.

Sep 20, 2016 · Solution Mining Agapito Associates, Inc. (AAI) offers integrated capabilities in design and permitting solution mine plans for recovery of soluble minerals such as potash, trona, nahcolite and salt. AAI has over 20 years of experience in developing

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Solution Mining. Solution mining refers to the production of salt (or potash, or other soluble products) by pumping water into subterranean salt deposits, found in many parts of the world, dissolving the salts and pumping the brine to the surface for drying and further use. From: Fluid-Structure Interactions (Second Edition), 2014.

Control system solutions for the mining industry

Control system solutions for the mining industry. 02 The solution: Simulate. Measure. Control. And profit. As the interface between your people and your plant, your control system is in - tegral to the success of your operation. Implementing the best control strategy

Biometric Access control Solutions for Mining Industry ...

IXM WEB is Invixium’s enterprise-grade software solution that integrates with leading access control, HRMS or ther security software. The solution can communicate time tracking and temperature data to whichever platform a mining business currently uses via Wiegand, OSDP or Web API.

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Complete dust control solution reduces costs and virtually eliminates dust problems in underground mine. A Northern Ontario gold mining operation was experiencing high respirable dust readings which were impacting mining personnel health and safety and resulting in fines from the provincial government.

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Dec 09, 2016 · Machine Control systems help operators implement design changes efficiently and accurately. The systems are simple for operators to use and designed to hold up in a mining environment. UAS/Drone systems account for materials and operations with daily, weekly, or monthly reporting. These systems are also beneficial to know what is there before ...

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ABB has pioneered some of the world’s most exciting technological advances in mining control systems. Automation best practices can be efficiently re-used enabling fast track delivery, like recently done in Kazakhstan.ABB is a leader in the design and development of remote operations centers for some of the world’s largest mining companies First industrial 5G trial for remote operation in ...

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Scalable Solutions For Mining. ASI systems are designed for modular, yet scalable deployment. ASI recognizes the daunting task of automating all aspects of a surface or underground mines in one step. Yet, a piecemeal approach often introduces risk of deploying independent systems which are unable to integrate later into an overall mine system.

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The Connected Mine. Trimble connects your mine using decades of industry experience combined with spatial data leadership. From machine control to onboard weighing to surveying, Trimble has you covered. Mining professionals in planning, production, processing and finance can make more informed, faster decisions using trusted data.

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Carlson for Mining. Carlson Software’s renowned line of software and machine control solutions for the mining industry has expanded to include high-performing laser measurement devices. Whether the application is underground mining, surface mining, permitting, geologic mapping, reserves studies, or reclamation, turn to Carlson for powerful ...

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Feb 14, 2013 · Mining Problems and Possible Solutions. Mining, Part 3: In his three-part series, Dr Buck Emberg presents a balanced examination of both the need for mining and the environmental consequences of extracting minerals. He explains that mining has been a human activity since before the Stone Age and will remain so in the future.

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For descriptions of engineering control technologies researched by NIOSH, and information on the control details and their effectiveness, visit our Engineering Controls Database. The engineering controls contained in the database are beneficial for users who need control solutions to reduce or eliminate worker exposures.

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Bray valves for mining slurry transport and handling are engineered with abrasion resistant steel alloys, metal linings, and coatings for proven performance, even in the most aggressive erosion. Trust the reliability of our mining valves for improve operational efficiency and reduce cost of ownership. Our slurry valves, knife gate valves ...

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Wherever you work, you can depend on M-I SWACO to keep your projects on target. As the industry-leading provider of drilling fluid systems and additives, solids control equipment, and engineering services, we have the know-how and resources to custom design solutions that meet the unique requirements of your project, regardless of its location or complexity.

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Dust control is one of the most pervasive issues at any mine site or processing plant. Mining operations handle massive quantities of material every day, and the dust generated during handling can become a serious health and safety hazard to both the mining personnel and surrounding community.

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RCT has an extensive range of profit-boosting automation and remote control solutions for surface mining. Our goal is to boost profit by increasing the productivity of mobile equipment. With more than 48 years of success RCT has the knowledge, insight and know-how to provide you The Advantage of Smart Technology and tangible benefits.

Solution Mining - Agapito Associates, Inc.

Solution Mining Agapito Associates, Inc. (AAI) offers integrated capabilities in design and permitting solution mine plans for recovery of soluble minerals such as potash, trona, nahcolite and salt. AAI has over 20 years of experience in developing solution

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Mining Control. Mining will continue tomorrow. But differently. Mining and metal extraction are indispensable for the global economy. It is essential for products and jobs and plays a decisive role in the prosperity of future generations. But the pressure to become more sustainable is a permanent challenge for mining and metal extraction.

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Johnson Controls provides solutions for a more Efficient, Sustainable and Productive mining process, i.e., Smart Mining. When it comes to the complexities and dangers of the mining industry, no other company has Johnson Controls' depth of experience, knowledge, skills and technology combined. We are one of the world’s largest fire protection ...

Emission Control Solutions for Mining Industry and Equipment

Emission Control Solutions for the Mining Industry. Companies in the mining industry engage primarily in the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth.. Diesel engine exhaust emissions from the mining industry present an important issue to this industry largely because of the untreated exhaust emitted from both large and small diesel-powered equipment.

Mining: Automated monitoring systems

Campbell Scientific continues to provide automated monitoring and control solutions for the mining industry to cost effectively implement governance around environmental and safety solutions in mines worldwide. Other applications. Our versatile measurement and control systems are used in a variety of mining applications, including the following:

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The mining industry is handling chemicals , process solutions and waste water on a daily basis. The containment structures are made of steel or concrete and both need to be protected from chemical attack, chloride migration or mechanical abrasion in order to maintain

Efficient control valve solutions for the mining industry

Control valve solutions for the mining industry. In the mining industry, the applications are often very demanding. To stay competitive on the market for raw materials, the equipment needs to be designed for the rough environment. Especially the highly abrasive and erosive slurry puts special demands on the valves to keep maintenance costs down.

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Smooth and Efficient Surface Mining Operations Smooth and efficient surface mining operations is key to success in an industry with fluctuating margins. Technology-based positioning and information total solutions developed by Trimble and the Caterpillar Technology Alliance partners and distributed by Caterpillar have become the standard in an ...

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HARD-LINE is a global leader in mine automation, remote-control technology, and mine production optimization. HARD-LINE develops its products from the ground up, using years of experience in mining, electronics, electrical design, and mechanical design. We create innovative products that places the highest priority on safety while increasing ...


Meritcontrol is an engineering company active in development and execution of process automation and instrumentation systems in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation, food and beverage, mining and other industries. We procure electrical, instrumentation and process control parts and equipment as well as turn-key solutions from basic design to ...

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Wenco mining fleet management tools redefine your standards for mine productivity and efficiency. In just a few clicks, manage your hauling and loading, track progress on real-time dashboards, and gain the insight you need to extract millions in unrealized value from your operation. Learn More.

Mining - Dust Control Solutions & Custom Demolition Tools

Mining site managers can easily understand the importance of proper dust suppression with a total dust control system. Our water cannons can cover any size site, making them the perfect solution for controlling silica dust and fugitive dust. Give your associates, local businesses, and residences a worry-free environment.

The digital revolution Mining starts to reinvent the future

Core mining processes – automating physical . operations and digitising assets 10 The digital mine nerve centre – data-driven planning, control, and decision making 12 Support processes – re-imagined ERP . and automated support processes 14 How can mining companies achieve true digital transformation? 19 A measured and agile approach 19

Applications of Noise Control in the Mining Industry ...

Jan 08, 2015 · Also integral to noise control at the source of the noise is the use of noise mitigation equipment specific to the mining industry. Depending on the project, this may involve the use of cooler fan silencers, mufflers, or any number of other equipment options designed to limit the escape of noise from a particular piece of equipment.